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Choir Officers















President - Wendy Eathorne          Charman - Alan Pascoe



Accompanist - Dave Wingham         Secretary - Terry Parrell



Treasurer - Mike Beard                     Librarian - Edward Hengist









Paul Baker

Andrew Bath

Ronald Brown

Frank Curnow

David Glasson

Stephen Johns

Paul Kemp

Alan Pascoe

John Treventhan


Mike Beard

Rex Bray

Treve Harris

Kingsley Hitchens

Ray Kiellor

Terry Parrell

Michael Thomas

Alan Stock

Gordon Whitehead

Tim Wingham - Rep

Four Lanes Male Choir

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“Sing we for Pleasure - for One and All”

The Choir

Here you can find out about our members at Four Lanes Male Choir.




Second Tenors

Barrie Baker

David Broadhurst

Patrick Clarke

Roger Cottell

Paul Forway

Terry Harvey

Edward Hengist

Geoff Lory

Philip May

Tom Reed

John Richards

David Smith


Alan Pascoe

Musical Director - Tim Hosken









First Tenors

Des Andrew

Ian Cliff-Matthews

Barry Gilman

Stephen James

Terry Paynter

Danny Peacock

Eldred Pearce

David Stephens

Jim Venner

Graham Woodcock


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